Música y FX


  • Invitados Especiales:

“Sérénade de Méphistophélès“ de l’Opéra Faust de Charles Gounod, interprétée par Fédor Chaliapine.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Clarinet Concerto – 2. Adagio.ogg.  Performance: William McColl, using a basset clarinet of his own construction, and the University of Washington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Abraham Kaplan.

“La vie en Rose» by Louis Armstrong.

“Hylopath“ by Rupert Cole


Tense Detective Looped Drone by Daddy_s_Music

Drone by Daddy_s_Music

“Action Suspense” by Caffeine Creek band.

“Dead by daylight” by Tommy Mutiu

“Horror background music” by Lesfm

“Old nuclear factory atmo drone thriller” by Szegvaria

“Out from the wasteland” by ASTROFEQ

“Return of the gods” by GioliFazzweri

“Epic Trailer” by Lesfm


Swing Train – Big Band Miller Style, JuliusH


Monster From The Deep by Young Rich Pixies

Defiance by  Delnova

First strike came at dawn by TomasHerudek 

On The Knife’s Edge by Tilman Sillescu 

Sleep Falling by Sémø

Torn  by Jon Gegelman

Witness (Extended Version)  by Oliver Michael

All the Pieces Matter by Ziv Grinberg

Wind Land by TURPAK –

Moon by Blaehubb


Scary & Suspense by tyops |

Under Leagues of Blackness by deleted_user_3424813 |

Hylopath : Rupert Cole




 ambienta-soundtrack_metaphisical-death.wav by suonho |

 maggoty 3.wav by thatjeffcarter |

CityWind 7bft 02 131028_01.wav by klankbeeld |







-Joseph Sardin-Big Sound Bank:

Helicóptero, sirenas, pasos, walki..

Audio cassette back music

Portail automatique coulissant

Door opening 2

Apartment door opening 2

Door slamming 4

Fast steps on concrete 

Raw carrot crunched 2

Raw carrot crunched 4

Summer rain on terrace

Rain and storm 

Rain and storm 2

Operation game 4 











freesound.org :

 Footsteps Gravel Running-Stop by KikeVilaplana |

 Heathers Gunshot Effect2.wav by okieactor |

 Gunshot_01.sse.wav by snapssound |

 Weapons_Gun_Small_Reload_001.wav by duckduckpony |

 Metal Flick 1 by Sethroph |

 Full Reload of a Pistol (Mixed) by EFlexMusic |  

gun cocking.WAV by myfreesoundaccount1998 |

 Gun Hammer Click by magnuswaker |

 BG SaSc Multiple Cars Passing Cobble Stone Car Passes Birds.wav by Profispiesser |

 Car Passing, Multi, A.wav by InspectorJ |

 rooster singing in the morning by caculo |

 Rooster crows in a farm by nomadas |

 Sliding Noise V2.wav by cbenci |

 Locking Old Garage Door by deleted_user_7146007 |

 atmo_dripstone cave.mp3 by Connum |

 Gun shot sound_01 by GregsMedia |

 9mm Shot.wav by Buckine |

 14-1_ambulance.WAV by 16FPanskaLan_Jiri |

 Tap on Wooden Table by zembacraftworks |

 TableTap by Ryanz-Official |

 Ambience_Cave_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory |

 Water drops 3.wav by Zaziesound |

 Cinematic heart machine beep.wav by bastardwrio |

 OperationRoom_SP.wav by uniuniversal |

 Heart Monitor Beep by samfk360 |

 M16 gun 3 round burst by lensflare8642 |

 Plasma – Lazer Pistol Gun Shot 1 by Erokia |

 Shot,scifi,powerdown.wav by CJDeets |

 Pistol Gun Cocking by EminYILDIRIM |

 Pistol Gun Magazine Reload by EminYILDIRIM |

 SmallObjectFallingOnTable_OWI.wav by JamesCato101 |

 Table Smash by NeoSpica |

 Punch In The Effing Face.wav by Mixedupmoviestuff |

 Hitting in a Face by florianreichelt |

 Steps.mp3 by sjnewton |

 steps by RobSp1derp1g |

 Footsteps, Concrete, A.wav by InspectorJ |

 Squeaky creaking door by EricsSoundschmiede |

 Rubber_squeaks.aif by kbnevel |

 Rewind 2 by LuKaiX |

 cassette tape deck open, close, rewind, clicks.aif by kyles |

 Car Arriving by bone666138 |

 young woman snoring by Filmscore |

 snoring by Daxter31 |

 Cock.wav by Hotlavaman |

 Snooker break.wav by Angie81Dee |

 dance.wav by amanwolfpack |

 ChurchBellKonstanz.wav by edsward |

 Church bells.aif by Peaveycroquette |

 Deep Bass Kick.wav by shimsewn |

 Running, Snow, A.wav by InspectorJ |

 Running, Ice, A.wav by InspectorJ |

 Foley_Stones_Falls_Debris_Stereo_DR05.wav by Nox_Sound |

 Bricks/Stones/Rocks/Gravel Falling by iwanPlays |

 Zip Stereo_01.wav by RynoStols |

 The Grove Studio, Somersby NSW – Night frogs & insects #2.wav by ChrisHancock |

 Spider Horde (1 min) STEREO 01.wav by HumanPaperclip |

 Pouring Soup in a Metal Pan – Long,Slow,Nasty by Hitrison |

 Vomiting on the ground – Remixed by Podsburgh |

 Water Droplet.wav by gkillhour |

 Drip.wav by Lunardrive |

 treBccc1.wav by tomerbe |

 Flies by miklovan |

 atmo_dripstone cave.mp3 by Connum |

 Walking on sand and gravel 2 by fthgurdy |

 Enter a Cave.wav by rikijik456 |

 bandaging.aif by toefur |

 snd_ImpactSmallWood01.wav by dorian.mastin |

 Metal Impact by Rickplayer |

 Moving table by Miranor |

 Gurgling monster by Darsycho |

 Digging with Shovel OWI.wav by Allen2001 |

 Heavy stone door opens by PostProdDog |

 Old nuclear factory – atmo drone thriller.wav by szegvari |

 04_Sillón_rechinando.wav by JoseAgudelo |

 Sitting on chair .wav by renatofarabeuf |

 wheel chair.wav by FALCONS_SHADOW | Noncommercial 3.0

 Wheelchair by JuanFG |

 14-Nails Scratching-consolidated.wav by south_africa_jen |

 Shake, Pepples, Short Roll – Scurry.wav by bbrocer |

 Shake, Pepples, Short Roll – Scurry.wav by bbrocer |

 Stones Falling by iwanPlays |

 Impact: Metal 1 by Sheyvan |

 Wood-break-stress.wav by audioninja001 |

 Shoveling by andersmmg |

 024 – Chair weel roll 2.L.wav by Ricmorth |

 Eating soup by MilanKovanda |

 kicking a stone by launemax |

 Car Arriving by bone666138 |

 Dark Suspense.wav by Lost_Dream |

 Suspense Ambiance Effect by Audio_Dread |

 Suspense by woodmoose |

 Orchestral Suspense Loop 2 by awrmacd |

 Scary & Suspense by tyops |

 Umbrella by qubodup |

 Car on Wet Road by Fajack by postworkflow |

 Male Drinking Sipping Slirpping Coffee Gulg Swallow by benniknop |

 Drinking Sip Swallow Gasp 2.wav by Stevious42 |

 63-Sip of Coffee .wav by Leoctiurs |

 regn_paraply1.WAV by fastson |

 Umbrella Opening.mp3 by bewareofkites20 |

 bottle falling by Natha_mf. |

 thud pint glass beer down on table wood knock door Vows.flac by kyles |

 Banging a table by pfranzen |

 dropping a fork_1-2.aif by acrober |

 Can drop by Dasgoat |

 Toilet Flushing by IESP |

 Chair squeak.aif by sacredmatt |

 LEATHER SEAT – grinding on chair by Jay6Waza |

 LEATHER COACH.wav by tsakanemashaba |

 CityWind 7bft 02 131028_01.wav by klankbeeld |

 Bycicle grears in reverse.wav by MichelleGrobler |

 bycicle stop.wav by cupido-1 |

 Piñon de Bicicleta.m4a by DanKiatzu |

 Drone bass like a dark cave by xkeril |

Ground hit.m4a by Christyboy100







transiciones y puertas golpe tenebrosas.

Gracias  a todos los profesionales y amigos  que han colaborado con nosotros.